David Rajmon, PhD (Chief Consultant) is a broadly skilled geoscientist with 14 years of industry experience.

He's been consulting since 2012. His work involved client petroleum system studies offshore Equatorial Brazil, Red Sea and Gulf of Thailand. He devotes much of his time to learning and improving the general practice of Petroleum System Analysis. David is the founder and co-manager of the PSA group on Linkedin and the producer of the PSA webinar series. He develops his PSA and Basin modeling courses and contributes at conferences.

Prior to consulting, David worked at Shell in research and in exploration in Houston (2003-2012). David initially contributed to the development of reservoir modeling methods. His appetite for integration soon brought him to the field of petroleum system analysis. While in Shell he:
• developed guidelines for sand and amorphous silica porosity and diagenesis modeling with the in-house basin modeling tools applied to Gulf of Mexico, NW Borneo etc.
• proposed an integrative approach to rock properties modeling
• defined and co-investigated novel exploration plays
• contributed to Shell exploration efforts mostly offshore Brazil as an exploration geologist and modeler.

David graduated from Charles Univ. in Prague (BSc, MSc, 1997) and the Univ. of Houston (PhD, 2003), where he utilized a range of methods, incl. multispectral imaging, 39Ar/40Ar thermochronology on impact cratering and lunar geology. 

Besides technical work, David has 6 years of successful teaching experience at universities, and many years of science popularization and public writing. He has led MSc. and BSc. student projects at the Univ. of Houston and the Ultrecht Univ., informally advised PhD students at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS and Curtin University., and he served as a peer-reviewer for international scientific journals and for student thesis at the Charles Univ. 

David is a musician and an outdoor enthusiast.

Geosophix is

  • an informal consultancy framework of experts 
  • based in Prague, Czech Republic, it works with colleagues and services clients globally
  • owned by David Rajmon, an individual consultant registered in the Czech Republic Trade Licensing Register (02669358)
  • a marketing trademark protected worldwide and registered in numerous countries (incl. EU members and USA).

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