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Praktická řešení pro zdravé bydlení

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Geoscience consulting and research focusing on Petroleum Systems Analysis and Exploration Geology.

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Focus areas:

• Petroleum Systems Analysis and Modeling

• Play-based Exploration / Regional Geology

• Rock properties (porosity/permeability, compaction, silliclastics cementation, thermal conductivity...)

• Pore pressure prediction from basin modeling


What we do:

• Integrative studies of petroleum systems

• Research advancing geoscience concepts and tools relevant for hydrocarbon exploration

• Advising investors and mineral rights owners

• Training


How we do it:

• Utilizing own expertise and a network of collaborators in industry and academia across the globe

• Applying the right technologies for the right problem - from simple off-the-shelf to state-of-the-art
  science and technology

• Efficient choices of what needs to be done to reduce exploration risk

• Honest assessment of uncertainties

• Modern effecient ways of working combining remote on-line collaboration and selective traveling

• Leadership and active service in the global petroleum geoscience community


       Why hiring GeoSophix?


Expertise on demand

•  Expertise when and where you need it

•  Immediate expert help during times of heavy workload


Always focused


•  In internal teams, business pressures often lead to a scattered attention

•  In GeoSophix, every project is a fresh start allowing a full attention and focus.


Out-of-the-box mindset

•  Outside perspective to bring fresh ideas

•  Challenging conventional ideas


Guaranteed Confidentiality

Lower Cost

•  You only pay for the expertise when you need it

•  Lower overhead than your own employees

           Concerns? ... Allow yourself to be convinced!

          Here is an example of a past project:

Physical distance?

• Client in Houston - GeoSophix in Prague - 7 hrs time difference.
• The client and GeoSophix partners never met before the project.

Remote communication?

• Daily communication via e-mail, phone, secure conferencing tools(Skype, GoToMeeting).

• GeoSophix accommodated the time difference and allowed for 7-11 hrs office
   hours overlap.

• "Real-time" on-line discussions - just like walking into the clients office. When map issues
   needed  clarification, a 15-minute conversation over a shared screen solved it
   (incl. the 2-minute GoToMeeting setup).

Smoothnes of collaboration set-up?

• Project definition and legal set-up within 2 weeks, including GeoSophix own
   infrastructure set-up.

Data security?

• Data transfers and backup via secure cloud server (iBackUp).

• Information confidetiality agreements guaranteed client information protection.


• Project delivered - on time, on budget.

• Planned 3 visits in the clients office over 2 months - only 1 meeting mid-way
   in the project took place! The rest was done remotely to use time and
   resources more efficiently...a testimony to the smooth communication,
   project execution and flexible accommodation of client´s needs.

• GeoSophix knows that failing a client´s trust means failing its own





• is legally and tax based in Houston, TX.

• physically operates mostly from Prague, Czech Republic.

• works with colleagues and services clients globally.

Geosophix strives for efficiency and the right work-life ballance. It embraces modern collaboration
technologies that allow it to deliver projects remotely anywhere in the world while tapping into expertise
located anywhere in the world. It benefits everyone involved.

GeoSophix name and logo are trademarks protected worldwide and registered in numerous countries
(incl. EU members and USA).



David Rajmon (Chief Consultant) is a broadly skilled geoscientist with >10 years of industry
experience mostly in Shell research and exploration in Houston. He graduated from
Charles Univ. in Prague (BSc, MSc, 1997) and the Univ. of Houston (PhD, 2003) where
he utilized a range of methods, incl. multispectral imaging, 39Ar/40Ar thermochronology
on impact cratering and lunar geology. After joining Shell in Houston (2003), David initially
contributed to the development of reservoir modeling methods. His appetite for integration
soon brought him to the field of petroleum system analysis. While in Shell he:

• developed guidelines for sand and amorphous silica porosity and diagenesis modeling with the in-house
  basin modeling tools applied to Gulf of Mexico, NW Borneo etc.

• proposed an integrative approach to rock properties modeling

• defined and co-investigated novel exploration plays

• contributed to Shell exploration efforts mostly offshore Brazil as an exploration geologist and modeler.

David left Shell in 2012 and started consulting.

Besides technical work, David has 6 years of successful teaching experience at universities, and many
years of science popularization and public writing. He has led MSc. and BSc. student projects at the Univ. of Houston
and the Ultrecht Univ.; he served as a peer-reviewer for international scientific journals and for student thesis
at the Charles Univ.

David is the founder and co-manager of the Petroleum Systems Analysis group on Linkedln.
David is a musician and an outdoor enthusiast.

CV and list of publications at


"Maersk Oil engaged David R in January 2013 to build, execute and deliver a complex basin model at a broad continental margin scale. David worked within a tight time frame, engaged relevant peers within the exploration team and worked diligently to utilize all available calibration data (150 wells+) for the project, to provide an appropriate range of model outcomes predicting HC charge nature, distribution and timing. On behalf of Maersk Oil, I can confidently recommend David's technical ability, service and communication style." - Kristan R., Maersk Oil

"David is one of most creative and innovative geologists I have had the pleasure to work with. Although basin modelling was not his first scientific discipline, he picked it up quickly and was soon suggesting many improvements to the way it is done in Shell. David has the rare ability to straddle the gap between research and application, and did so successfully at Shell." - Michael N., Hess (formerly at Shell)



David Rajmon, PhD
Prague / Houston
Phone +420 603 329 810 (preferred)
            +1 281 250 2259 (goes to voice mail when outside the US)
Skype: drajmon

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